Maserati Nails Cop Car Head-On-Another Exotic Destroyed in Texas

They say “Everything is bigger in Texas”, and upon reading about the latest exotic wreck in Houston, I would agree.  I would seem things are larger in Texas; even their car accidents are exotic and expensive.  After the recent BugTexasatti drowning there, we learned of a Maserati hitting a Texas cop car, head-on.

It is shameful enough to do a face-plant with an exotic car, but reports say that the driver was 21-year-old bartender Alex Taylor Ford, who said she had borrowed the car for the weekend.  So it is likely more mortifying to total a Maserati that is not yours, (think “Nacho Cheese”).  The Maserati is registered to one Houstonian John Jackson, who must have a very big heart, wallet, you decide.

Both Alex and College Station cop Tracy Sheets are improving and expected to be just fine.  Alex, those red and blue lights are difficult to er…miss…unless you had a “bumper-cars” flashback. 

Alex the Maserati driver has been charged with a 2nd degree felony for intoxicated assault causing serious body injury to a peace officer.  Must be difficult to scale effectively from college student, to bartender, to Maserati racing fail.  These are the types of driver’s exotic rental car owner’s fear- like fear fears Chuck Norris. StayMaserati in school, kids.  Wondering if M.A.D.D. will add her to their mailing list. 





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