Secret Has No Diamonds

Last October began Secret deodorant’s Flawless Diamond Giveaway campaign, were Secret promised to give away 10 one-carat flawless diamonds valued at $15,000 per. To promote sales, specially marked Secret deodorants were pumped out with special UPC codes that would name the winners. As of now only one diamond has been found and the campaign expires at the end of this month, on June 30th. That means it’s more then likely that nine other bottles of deodorant were thrown out because Secret did a poor marketing job. The majority of  Secret consumers basically had no idea that they could win a diamond in a bottle at any point over the last year. Which prompts us to wonder, what the point was? We bet Secret is wiping their upper brow with a sigh of relief that they only lost one diamond, in this economic climate. So much for Secret Flawless deodorant with diamonds. 


 Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals