Shanghai Auto Show Bans Models and Children

It seems that the rumors of sexy models being banned from the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show have proven to be true, though it does not seem to make much sense because children are also banned, so what could it hurt if PG13 is no longer necessary? The officials are on a new path to “Clean up” the show, and that means no scantily clad babes draping themselves around the vehicles. If you listen closely, you hear the collective sighs of disappointment.

Shanghai Auto Show Bans

Reports indicate that the Chinese government has put enough pressure on the event to prevent the sexy car models from doing their usual thing—which is adding spice to the show and assisting with drawing attention to certain vehicles while raising pulses. While the Chinese government is certainly known for their censorship style, banning children from the automotive show seems a bit drastic. They are citing security issues as the primary reason, but perhaps some are growing tired of tantrums and smudges on the vehicles showcased. Overall, they are attempting to engineer a more family-friendly environment, but only for families over the teen stages and only those dressed appropriately. It will be interesting to see how the new regulations go over with the thousands of Shanghai and Beijing auto shows, and if it will stick for the following years.

Shanghai Auto Show Bans

What do you think of the new Shanghai and Beijing auto show regulations? Should it be permitted to ban specific attire and children under a certain age? Chime in below with your opinions, as we are curious to find out what people are thinking on this matter!

Shanghai Auto Show Bans

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