Shoot your next video with Imagine Lifestyles

So you just finished recording a hot new song, and you want to film a video. Maybe you have a product that you’re about to launch, and you need to capture some promo shots. You’re about to host a sweet 16 party, and you need an elegant shot for the invitations. Having a beautiful car as part of your photo or video could really make things pop! Imagine Lifestyles wants to help you to create awesome content, and you can do it right here in our New Jersey warehouse.

When you reserve our New Jersey warehouse for a photo or video shoot we can help you capture stunning content. We will provide you access to any vehicle that is in stock the day of your shoot. You could have a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and a Rolls-Royce all for one low price. Our staff will be available to help move the vehicles around, put convertible tops up or down, or wipe the cars off so that they look just right.

Our facility looks great, but you can make it look even better. With white walls and a black floor our garage makes for a great muted backdrop for your shoot. We have bright fluorescent lights to provide ample light for your subject. You are also welcome to bring in your own set dressings, lighting equipment, or even a smoke machine. We will even provide you with use of our lounge area, restrooms and changing areas, and access to our high speed wi-fi. Call us today for pricing and availability, or Request a Quote online.