The Smart Car-a Peek at Smooshed Auto Options of the Future

Horse joke

 With concern over the environment and the future of oil supplies, smart cars are increasing in popularity as designers focus on implementing techniques to reduce our dependence on oil and our impact on the environment.  Increasing in popularity right along with the smart car concept are smart car jokes.

Smart cars are often spoke of as the automobiles of the future, and they seem to be getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller.  The diminutive designs have made for many jokes, and more than a few humorous images.  What would happen if some of the world’s leading luxury car designers began to follow suite in the smart car craze?  Are we evolving from horsepower to ponypower?

Smart Car Lambrogini

Shrunken down versions of luxury car brands could then expand (or shrink) to include the Smorvette, the Smamborghini, the Smustang, the Smemarri, the Smaudi, and the Smorsche!  While all of these are of course simply concept cars, the small concept makes for a big dose of amusement.  Imagine rolling up to pick up a date in your new Smorshe…unless it is a one-and-a-half seater.  

Smart Car Porshe








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