Sold Out: Lamborghini Aventador Roadster!

If you listen carefully, you can hear the hearts shattering. That is because every last Lamborghini Aventador roadster has been sold! Don’t fret, you can rent a Lamborghini from Imagine Lifestyles, or just sit tight until the end of 2014 when orders may or may not be taken once again!

Lamborghini Aventador roadster

The Aventador LP700-4 was a hit among the masses, and its topless sibling seems even more popular, with all units officially sold out!

The fleet of Aventador roadsters sold out faster than they can hit top speed, at $441,600 a pop. The sexy Aventador sibling packs a powerful and thirsty 6.5-liter V12, unleashing a stampede of 690 Prancing Horses. I say thirsty because this Horse comes with a lofty $3,700 gas guzzler penalty tax along with the MSRP. Hay is for Horses, but these require fuel, and they burn through it quickly!

Lamborghini Aventador roadster

Lamborghini knows how to celebrate, with a parade of supercars taking over Collins Avenue in South Beach. The first 12 cars were Lamborghini Aventador roadsters!

The convertible Lamborghini Aventador is substantially more expensive than its coupe sibling. The brand is not spilling the exact number of units sold out, and buyers will not be getting their keys anytime soon for a head count (likely mid-summer).

Lamborghini Aventador roadster

Lamborghini has been busy celebrating its 50th all over the globe, recently taking over Miami with a fleet of 12 Aventador roadsters. The parade of Lamborghinis rolling down Collins Avenue in South Beach included around 50 cars and countless spectators. All of the publicity certainly attracted the potential buyers the brand sought, and likely will have enough interest to justify a second production run.

Lamborghini Aventador roadster

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