South Beach-Florida’s Best Beach

Florida is lined with impeccable beaches, but one in particular protrudes from the rest-Miami’s famed South Beach.  South Beach is intoxicating and many who visit here become so enamored with the lifestyle they become residents.  The tropical weather year round sets the scene for a scene that never stops, there is something for every palate here-making it our pick for the best beach in Florida.

Luxury is the appeal of South Beach, drawing visitors and residents from all over the world.  Extravagance and indulgence are expected here, andW Hotel on South Beach Shore it is evident in the local luxury hotels dotting the shoreline, the high-end international cuisine options, the boutique shopping, diverse array of posh nightclub selections, manicured golf courses, sport fishing, sailing and a plethora of luxury rental cars Miami is known for.

Taking in the South Beach scenery is a thrill in itself, especially while savoring some of the supreme flavors of the world, including New World Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Cuban, Vietnamese, Greek, Columbian and more.  Dining options on beautiful South Beach are virtually limitless!  And the occasional celebrity spotting adds to the dining experience of many visitors.

The same variety trend continues when selecting a niSouth Beach entertainmentghtclub.  There are luxurious nightlife options for nearly every taste, and we recommend trying them all to find your absolute favorite.  Simply valet your South Beach luxury rental car and party the night away in the lavish nightclubs, and don’t worry-you can recover on the white sandy beach soaking up the marbled blues of the Atlantic the next morning!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals