Top 5 Party Cities-Glam Hot-Spots for Hot Luxury Car Rentals

Traveling is an outlet for all of your accumulated creative juices, and what better way than with a visit to some of the world’s steamiest, sexiest luxury destinations?   In the world of racy and sultry places to party, absorb and be seen, our top five picks are:

•    Miami
•    Chicago
•    Los Angeles
•    Las Vegas
•    New York

Jet-setting across the United States is fabulous and freeing-especially behind the wheel ofA1A-Ocean Drive Sign a sleek and sophisticated, luxury rental car in South Beach for a night of upscale clubs and dancing.  We are, of course, partial to the charms of South Beach because we live here.  Miami is a destination that boils all along A1A, spilling into boutiques, international cuisine, pulsating nightclubs and expansive beachlines striped with blues and greens.  But in order to stand out down here, you must do it up-in an exotic rental car South Beach style!  Remember, you will have competition, so choose your weapon wisely.

Chicago is the Midwestern party pick.  This enormous city assuredly has something to offer everyone, with international cuisine, hot clubs with unique themes, and charming Chinatown.  Because Chicago expands along the shores of Lake Michigan, we recommend an upscale sky bar, for uninterrupted views of the water and the incredible Chicago skyline.  This is a fast-paced and packed city, with many endearing and luxurious qualities to take in.  It is also a major world finance center, which makes a luxury rental car in Chicago a must to keep up appearances.

Los Angeles is another favorite of ours, because it is the Mecca of the rich and fabulous.  Las Vegas Luxury TravelThe West Coast has its charms, including a cooler season that we in South Florida do not have.  For this reason, a convertible luxury rental may not be advised during the cooler months.  LA is a living breathing city full of celebrities, posh entertainment options, famous chefs, striking coastline, and within proximity to venture to Las Vegas in your exotic rental car, if you were so inclined.

Ahh Las Vegas.  We could hardly write about the best party cities in the U.S. without mentioning sin city!  Everyone knows that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, a quality that has helped to make it a favorite for people all over the world.  Glitter, glitz, gambling, excess and parties that appeal to many different styles can be found here.  Las Vegas is a thrill from the moment you check into your hotel and begin to stroll down the busy streets, surrounded by all of the luxury and options you desire. 

Jetting back to the East Coast, we cannot overlook the Big Apple-New York City. Notably Manhattan with its glittering skyscrapers, designer couture, upscale lifestyle and demanding attitude-this is definitely a city you do not want to visit without a luxury rental car New York style.  In New York, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression, and the glitziest turn heads.  Indulge in the city vibe during your stay here, and perhaps you will be ready for South Beach shortly after! 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals