South Florida Cuisine-Ceviche Spoon Bar Jaguar

When embarking on your next high-end business trip or vacation to Miami, after arranging for accommodations and a luxury rental car South Beach style, next on your list might be finding a funky and memorable place to dine and get a feel for the social scene you may have heard much about.  While in South Florida, you will certainly want to sample some of the interesting and multi-ethnic local cuisine. 

 While there are many choices, I recently discovered a gem to pass along to travelers.   Jaguar, a Peruvian-Latin restaurant, is located in Coconut Grove, just a short jaunt south of Miami and features a variety of Latin flavors.  This spicy little number offers a vast array of seafood-based South American delicacy known as Ceviche, as well as a menu full of other inviting items.  Jaguar Restaurant Miami

Ceviche is a traditional treat from South America, marinated in a citrus-based mixture of lemons and limes to infuse the raw fish with flavor while denaturing the proteins, essentially cooking it without heat.  Ceviche has evolved into a purely delectable and quite high-end choice that can be found peppered throughout South Florida and other upscale world travel destinations. 

Ceviche is versatile, and can be enjoyed as an appetizer or entrée.  I myself ordered the Ceviche Spoon Sampler, an impressive display of all six types of Ceviche offered by Jaguar:  Ceviche Los Cabos, Ceviche Oriental, Ceviche Nuevo, Ceviche Peruano, Ceviche Vuelve a la Vida, and Ceviche Black Market.  The décor at Jaguar is modern and airy, and it sits within the downtown district among tempting shopping options and other upscale restaurants, bars and hotels.  It is a charming, fresh and unique area to visit if you have never been and the service is impeccable.

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