Steam Powered Cars, That’s Hot

Steam powered engines were quite popular for a brief time around 1900, but lost its grip to the internal combustion engine.  External combustion engines are nothing new, and if Cyclone Power Technologies Cyclone Power Technologies Mark V Steam Enginehave their way, the steam-powered car will once again be as popular as gasoline-powered vehicles.

The gas powered cars eventually won the contest, as they were more convenient, with low maintenance and boasted better performance than the steam powered variety.  Prior to the electric starter, however, steam power was the champ.

Cyclone Power Technologies have developed a compact car that will burn any liquid fuel, kicking out 850 foot-pounds of torque at startup.  The Cyclone’s Mark V engine is about the size of a lawnmower engine, and features a closed loop water system, alleviating the need to tote along extra water.  And Oil?  No need!  The vapor drives and lubricates the pistons, freeing you from the oil crisis.

This technology may not be embraced quickly, as the automotive world is still taking tentative baby steps toward a greener future.  So how does it work?

There is a combustion chamber perched on the motor, where fuel is ignited and used to produce superheated steam.  The steam then coils within the combustion chamber, within just a few seconds.  Unlike the old steam powered automobiles, the startup is reached within 5 seconds, with full power available after about 15 seconds.  The six pistons form a radial configuration, hooked to a patented spider bearing which in turn rotates the crankshaft.  Like an electric motor, the Mark V engine reaches max torque at low RPMs, eliminating the need for a transmission.

After the steam is heated and used to power the pistons, it goes to a condensing unit where it is cooled and returned to liquid form, where it can be used again.  The Mark V can be powered with as little as four gallons of water, that is around 30 pounds!

Like I said, steam power, electric motors and other forms of hybrid technology remain in their infancy.  There are, of course, issues with steam power that need to be tweaked.  For example, the high-pressure superheated system could escape containment and be harmful.

I am picturing myself pulling up to a gas station and filling up with water.  Imagine if all the world’s cars, SUVs, luxury rental cars and more were powered by water!  I somehow just cannot picture a steam powered Ferrari just yet, but I dig the idea.  The environmental impact would be astonishing.


Cyclone Power Technologies will be ironing out the bugs, and I will keep you updated on this exciting historical yet futuristic auto technology.




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