Can’t Steer it, Can’t Steal it: Is a Steering Wheel Lock Still the Best Defense?

With new technology come new challenges. Now that the majority of exotic sports cars and luxury cars on the roads today feature keyless entry and a variety of high-tech alarm systems–thieves are savvier than ever before. Some police say the old-fashioned steering wheel lock may remain the best defense against auto theft because thieves can clone keys in seconds and use other techy methods to gain access instantly and drive off.

steering wheel lock

Steering wheel lock devices come in a multitude of shapes and styles. Going with a trusted brand is likely the best option.

Similar to online hackers, vehicle thieves have become quite polished at bypassing automobile computers and anti-theft systems. So while the luxury vehicle manufacturers have spent much time and money creating alarm systems to defend the vehicles, they stand no chance once a hacker has figured out how to undo it.

That is where the question comes into play: Are steering wheel locks still the best defense against auto theft? If police think so, there could be something there. The steering wheel lock reigned supreme throughout the 1980s and 1990s, before the digital types began to emerge. The device, for those who do not know, is extremely simplistic: It locks the steering wheel into place, so that it cannot be steered. The catchy slogan for The Club device was: “You can’t steer it, you can’t steal it.” The device obviously won’t protect against someone pulling up with a trailer and taking it, but it does go a long way against thieves on foot hoping to drive off in seconds.

steering wheel lockThe issue is so prevalent in the UK that insurance companies have been forced to apply new regulations. That difficult decision came on the heels of hundreds of Range Rover thefts in a relatively short period of time. It seems that for now, going back to basics along with an alarm system is the safe bet, until new systems are invented anyway.

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