STI Cosworth CS400, Europe’s Latest Bang

Some of the coolest cars never make it to the U.S. market.  The Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 (you need to inhale after saying that long name) will be yet another luxury car that was designed and engineered specifically for the European market.  You win again, Europe.  Is the name shorter if you say it in French, Spanish or German…hmm.

Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 TeaserStartlingly long name or not, the Cosworth CS400 is an impressive machine.  While Cosworth has not released the juice on exactly how it is packing an extra 100 ponies in the 2.5-liter turbocharged horizontally-opposed four, the 400 ponies are impressive.  The CS400 shaves 1.5 seconds off of the stock STI, hitting the 0-60 mark in 3.7 seconds.  Well, take note Ferrari and Lamborghini. 

The company has also not released a full-body shot of the 2011 CS400 yet either. 

This is a company that never stops improving.  Speaking of stops, the six piston brake calipers and2011 Cosworth CS400 14” front rotors were developed with AP Racing.   This beauty also gets a special luxury interior, upgraded suspension, tuned exhaust and of course, special exterior styling so that everyone knows you readjusted your mortgage to own it.

Only 75 of these Cosworth CS400 models will be produced, and did we mention that they will be carbon fiber?  Of course they will, carbon fiber seems to be a main selling point for all that is luxury these days, its like cashmere for cars.

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