Sign of the Times-Automakers Unable to Donate Luxury Cars to Charities

The economy has been in a delicate state for sometime now, as we all know.  Just another blunt sign of this economic distress is the East Side House Settlement’s annual auto auction and gala in New York.  This charity helps prepare disadvantaged kids for college, but was unable to obtain a donation from an automaker for this year’s gala.

Creativity saved the gala from going bust, as there will be a $200,000 2010 Aston Martin Rapide available to bid on, yet only for a test-drive.  The winning bidder will receive a weeklong test drivAston Martin Rapidee and a one-day driving lesson at Aston Martin’s Performance Driving School located in Detroit.  It is a compromise, and it lends the opportunity for Aston Martin to make a sale, as the winner may fall in love with the car that week.

Well, at least the exotic car getting all of the attention is an Aston, we have a weakness for the James Bond classic, as well as several Aston Martin rentals available. 

As for the car, the Aston Martin Rapide happens to be the first four-door luxury sports sedan produced by the brand (follow link for further information).  The lucky winner of the charity auction will no doubt enjoy the 470 horsepower that catapults the luxury car from 0-60 in roughly 5 seconds. 

It is unfortunate that a carmaker was unable to donate to the cause as usual.  Last year, a Porsche 911 GT3 was sold at the auction, collecting $150,000 for the charity.  Even with no luxury car to be sold, there have already been 400 more tickets to the gala sold (at $1,000 each) this year than last, displaying optimism.  That or there are simply a slew of die-hard James Bond fans planning to attend. 

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