Unlikely Street Racing Video: Tesla Vs. Lamborghini

Admit it: If you owned a supercar like a Lamborghini Murcielago you would be tempted to street race. Street racing is very dangerous and illegal—but it still happens and we can’t help but inhale the footage. That said, check out this duel on the streets between the Lamborghini Murcielago and a Tesla Model S P85D that is circulating on YouTube!

The video is not exactly professional quality or choreographed, but it does provide an exciting glimpse of the beasts in their natural element. It is always exciting to see an exotic sports car out on the streets, even if you drive one everyday. That exhilaration is increased exponentially when there are two and they then begin to challenge one another. This is not a recommended or legal activity, of course, and we certainly do not encourage such behavior. The driver creating the video did not seem to have a chance at keeping up with the spectacle, and while it is not entirely clear what they are driving, it sounds as if every bolt is coming loose in the attempt!

The Tesla Model S P85D packs a substantial 691 horses in its stable against the Lamborghini Murcielago’s 670. While both machines feature an all-wheel-drive system, the weight of each makes an impact. The Lambo tips the scales at a mere 3,600 pounds while the Tesla is a heavier lady at close to 5,000 pounds. This Tesla model is electronically limited to 130 miles per hour while the Murcielago has surpassed 212 miles per hour. It appears that both owners are enjoying their super rides, but remember kids: Street racing is bad, mmmkay?

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