Super Bowl 44-Another Fabulous Finish

Saints Win Super Bowl 44It’s another Super Bowl that will go down as a “thriller.”
And one with a few twists, some trickery, some bold decisions, and, ultimately, a popular outcome.

The New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl 44 in Miami on Sunday,  completing a fairy tale march to the title—in their first-ever appearance in the title game.  It seems to be going down well with football fans everywhere, who are agreeing that it’s about time for this long-suffering franchise that was once affectionately known as the “aints”.

Colts fans were stunned and mortified when league MVP and traditionally bullet-proof quarterback, Peyton Manning, was unable to engineer a touchdown from only a few yards out in the dying minutes,  and then when he tossed an errant pass that was intercepted and returned for a Saints touchdown that locked up the New Orleans win.

One of the keys to the Saints win was their ability to control the ball and eat up time in the second quarter, thus keeping Manning and his powerful offense watching from the sidelines, and unable to add to their lead.  
As well,  the Saints coaching staff staged a bold gamble to start the second half,  by calling for an “on-side” kickoff,  where they were able to recover their own kick, and thereby kept the ball,  and again, prevented  the Colts offense from taking to the field.

New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees, finished his stellar season by posting some impressive passing numbers, and getting his team downfield and into the endzone when opportunities presented themselves.

He called it “a win for a community that needs a lift and deserves a championship.”

Peyton Manning was disappointed at not being able to win a second title in four years, but admitted that the Saints “deserved to win, and were clearly the better team in this game.”

As for South Florida and the staging of the Super Bowl,  the weather co-operated,  the patriotism and pre-game festivities with songs by Queen Latifah and Carrie Underwood was well received, the laser-charged halftime concert by the legendary rock band, “The Who,” was suitably impressive,  and the game was well-attended.

Next year, the big game moves to the new “cathedral” in Dallas known as “Cowboys Stadium” and the capacity will allow for 100 thousand fans to be there.  

Here’s hoping that Super Bowl 45 will be as interesting, tight and exciting as the last three Super Bowls have been!

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