Super Bowl 44 Miami Options-Chauffeured Supercars

Bentley Arnage RentalsIf you are joining us here in sunny Miami for Super Bowl 44 in 3 weeks, you may still be scrambling for transportation options.  We have mentioned our fleet of exotic rental cars for Super Bowl week before, but now want to highlight the fact that some of them can be chauffeured, freeing you up to take in the city without ever having to sober up long enough to ask for directions.

The following are great supercars that can be chauffeured:

•    Bentley Arnage Collection
•    Cadillac Escalade
•    Rolls-Royce Phantom

Bentley.  The Bentley Arnage collection features 3 luxurious models:  Arnage R, Arnage RL,Luxury Car Rentals and Arnage T.  The Arnage R is the base model, upon which the lengthier “RT” and sportier “T” were molded.  The Bentley Arnage R features a twin-turbocharged 6.8-liter V8 engine, not bad for a base model! 

The Arnage RL rental is a limousine car, absolutely perfect for transporting your large group or sports fans in the lap of luxury.  Bentley saw a need for a sportier version, and the Arnage T was born.  It has sportier wheels and suspension, and lacks the serious length of the RL.  Any Bentley Arnage rental is perfect for game week, depending on the size of your crew.

Cadillac Escalade.  If you have a larger group for Super Bowl Miami week, but crave a sportier luxury rental, we recommend an Escalade rental.  A symbol of elegance and status, the Escalade has only improved since its inception on the scene.  We have three models to choose from-including the Escalade Hybrid rental.  If an Escalade rental is not for you, know that we have a variety of other luxury SUV rentals to select from.  So take a peek at the links, and prepare your group to pile into a sleek luxury SUV for game week.

Rolls-Royce.  The Rolls-Royce Phantom rental is a tall supermodel, stretching to 19 feet, 2 feel longer than the BMW 7 Series.  It has a powerful V12 engine designed to haul the weight.

The interior is spacious and posh, ideal for a group out to have a good time during Super Bowl XLIV.  The backseats of the Phantom rental are large enough for an adult to stretch out comfortably, which is important when you are driving along Ocean Avenue and taking in the sights.

Rolls-Royce is a bold and luxurious brand, and the Phantom will set you back about $450,000 if you wish to own one.  No worries, we will rent ours to you for far less!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals