Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Art Car Inspires at Geneva

Art car

Bugatti took advantage of the widely followed 2013 Geneva Motor Show to show off its latest art car, a rather unique Veyron Grand Sport. You may remember this fast number, as we mentioned it when it first leaked out–The Venet Bugatti Veyron! It was the perfect addition to the highly versatile annual gathering of supercars.

The latest Bugatti art car is a Veyron Grand Sport. It made a grand centerpiece at the VW Group evening for this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Designed by renowned French artist Bernar Venet, the new art car is covered with equations that initially confuse onlookers. Venet opted to cover the exterior of the art car with the very equations used in its design process. The numbers appear to be blowing off of the hypercar, effectively conveying the speed and power of the beast. read more