Students Build Dutch Electric Car that Beats Bugatti from 0-60 MPH

Students Build Electric Car

A group of Dutch students at Delft University of Technology have crafted a fast little number that can beat a Bugatti Veyron from 0-60 miles per hour. The shocker: it is an all-electric ride. The Dutch electric car is named the DUT13 and it looks like a Tonka kids toy, tipping the scale at a mere 320 pounds.

Dutch students break electric car acceleration record with a tiny ride. Its blistering acceleration rate has broken the record.

The DUT13 demolishes the 0-60 jump in 2.15 blistering seconds. It accomplishes this feat thanks to an extremely light body that lacks creature comforts like a roof. The single-seater goes way heavy on the carbon fiber. For comparison purposes, the fastest Bugatti Veyron model’s 0-60 sprint is a cool 2.4 seconds. read more