A 992-Pound Track Car? Meet the Elemental RP-1 Concept

Elemental RP-1

The Elemental RP-1 track car concept tips the scale at just 992 pounds. It comes as no surprise that there appears to be but one seat in this track-only racy lady. She is set to make her grand debut, fittingly, at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, which will take place June 26th-29th this year.

The track-only car trend has come about to create a niche for cars that are not tailored to any set of strict racing guidelines and are also too aggressive to be street legal. The are the project and hobby cars wet dreams are made from, and they just keep getting better! While it may not be likely to get an Ariel Atom in the garage for play dates, something like an $85k Elemental RP-1 is a possibility for some. The pricing is not official—that is simply the best guess at this juncture. read more