‘Hey Jude’ Was Originally Created in an Aston Martin DB6

Aston Martin DB6

There is a very special Aston Martin DB6 in existence, and it is not likely to ever be offered for sale. The car was owned by Paul McCartney, which is great, but it has an extra claim to fame: It is said that McCartney first chimed out the monumental hit “Hey Jude” into a reel-to-reel recorder in the car en route to visit John Lennon’s son, Julian.

McCartney was apparently driving the Aston Martin DB6 to visit Julian when this catchy tune crossed his mind, and he decided to record a bit of it to play around with later. The car is now owned by Aston Martin, and they have no intention of selling it. It could be due to preservation, or it could be because some McCartney owned vehicles have not fetched as much at auction as anticipated. read more