Memory Lane: The Last Aston Martin One-77 Ever Created

last Aston Martin One-77

Some say the Aston Martin One-77 is the most beautiful model ever made by the brand. Produced between 2009 and 2012, just 77 units exist and this was the very last one to roll out of the lineup. Memory lane is open to the very last Aston Martin One-77 ever created–and she is certainly stunning.

The last Aston Martin One-77 of just 77 units was finished in 2012. It struts its stuff in a fresh white coat dressed up by a sporty red leather cockpit.

The special edition Aston Martin One-77 was designed to be a bit different from its siblings and on the extreme side of exclusive. While the One-77 is not a one-off, it seems to garner the same amount of attention when spotted around the world. For that reason, spotting the first or last one produced makes for a very special occasion, indeed! read more