What Future May Come: The Nissan R36 GT-R Gears Up for 2018

Nissan R36 GT-R

While it is still quite early in the concept phase, the Nissan R36 GT-R is gearing up for a possible 2018 reveal and possible 2019 model year. The minds behind the project are so elated by her that they cannot seem to keep secrets, revealing that she will boast a hybrid powertrain and other tidbits.

The next generation of the Nissan GT-R shall be badass in both the looks and power departments. It will likely look much like the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. 

Head of design for Nissan, Shiro Nakamura, gushed to the lads of Top Gear about the Nissan R36 GT-R recently. The current Nissan R35 GT-R has enjoyed success for around ten years now, indicating a healthy market for her successor. The R35 is not rolling into history just yet, however, as updated versions are still slated for market for the next few years until a replacement is complete and prepared to compete. read more