The Armored Mercedes Benz More Than a Friend

Mercedes-Benz is going to make the world a little safer for their clients. The all-new 2010 E-class got some serious security upgrades which include the ability to withstand fire weapons up to a .44 Magnum. With optional underbody army that can withstand blasts from a hand grenade. The Mercedes-Benz E-Guard upgrade uses reinforced "protective elements" around the chassis that consist of high-strength steel and aramide components, supported by resistant polycarbonate glazing. And an intercom system allows the passenger to communicate with the driver. Despite war-time editions, the interior has gone unchanged, the luxurious E-class is still just that. Sale of the 2010 armored Mercedes-Benz E-class begin this summer and start around $58,000. That price seems like charity, Mercedes-Benz must be looking to save many endangered customers.