The High Price of Fashion: $22,900 Gucci Bag

Gucci bagWe love everything luxurious especially high fashion.  We feel that fashion should be expensive because that’s the criteria that keeps it exclusive and high end. Knock-offs are so passe and although we try to be animal friendly, PETA won’t persuade us to go fake anytime soon.  There is nothing like the feeling of a great fur, leather, snake skin or in this case a crocodile skin bag.  The new Gucci triangular Crocodile Pelham Shopper bag is pretty perfect and priced at $22,900.  The Gucci bag is available in croc dark green and has braided snaps, a top-snap closure and zipped pockets.  The bag is 19.3" x 5.1" x 11", which is an essential for any modern woman who lives out of her purse.  The bigger the better!  We aren’t diehard Gucci lovers but this bag is a piece of fashion we do respect.  If you are a Gucci addict then this bag is a must have, it is both a high fashion and high status symbol.  What more could a high status woman want?