The VUHL 05 Offers Something Different

Pull over Ariel Atom and BAC Mono—there is a new lightweight minimalist coming to town. The VUHL 05 supercar hails from Central America. What it utterly lacks in creature comforts it makes up for in the power and speed arenas, according to reports.

VUHL 05 According to the VUHL website, the specifications for the 05 are as follows:

  • Cool racing-style kill switch
  • Bonded aluminum monococque chassis
  • Reinforced plastic body with option to upgrade to carbon fiber
  • Turbocharged 4-cylinder DOHC with twin variable camshaft timing
  • Aluminum block and head
  • 16 valves
  • Hits the 0-60 marker in 3.7 seconds
  • Max speed of 152 miles per hour
  • 285 bhp


What it does not have:

  • A windshield
  • Much in the way of seats. The seats are carbon bucket seats
  • The steering wheel is more functional than flashy. It is a water-resistant suede. I suppose this works well for the white-knucklers.
  • The trend continues throughout the cabin, which is a water resistant Dinamica suede.

The engine is actually a 2.0-liter Ford Ecoboost. The company researched the possibility of using an Audi engine, but found them to be too heavy and did not care for the acoustics. According to Iker Echeverria, the Ford Ecoboost sounds like the old Cosworths from the 1970s, which is more inline with the end goal for the VUHL 05. As far as handling, they were aiming for it to corner as though it were on rails, like the Lotus Elise. It may take a bit more experience to reach that goal.


The bare racer that is the VUHL 05 does boast a touch of technology. It packs an HD camera mounted between the seats for a supreme view of the road. This is a great way to log feats and racing endeavors. Shockingly, the fuel cap opens at the touch of a button and a key fob.

Look for the VUHL 05 sometime in 2014 with heavy shipping fees from Central America!


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