The Wealthy Jet to South Europe in August

Roberto Cavalli's Mega-Yacht

If you are of the upper class echelon then you are reading this on your way to Marbella or St. Tropez or another South European hot spot.  In August the rich and famous are getting some much needed R&R in the lavish hotels and mega-yachts of another continent.  Last summer we played on a yacht in St. Tropez, we found ourselves in good company sandwhiched between party-man P-Diddy Combs and designer Roberto Cavalli.  Cavalli’s floating palace was one of the most fabulous yacht’s we have ever seen, pure class on water.

We hung with Chris Paciello the legendary ex-convict Club owner, credited with establishing the first true club scene on Miami Beach.  Paciello’s yacht-mate was HBO Entourage star Kevin Connolly who was incredibly funny and laid-back.  After our first dinner aboard ship, Connolly led our group towards the renowned Hotel Byblos, which houses one of the most famous night clubs in France, Les Caves du Roy.  We walked right into Les Caves which was blinged out with a circa Club 54 vibe.  Fifteen year old European supermodels to 70 year old billionaires graced the tables. After we got sick of Les Cave we all headed over to VIP to watch Puff Daddy give the club a solo performance.  That was last summer, this summer is sure to have more adventures in store for us.

Boarding a Mega-Yacht in St. Tropez by you.