Brooke Hogan for Playboy in Miami Beach

Brooke Hogan PosingWe last told you that Brooke Hogan had happily moved into the Flamingo Residencies on Miami Beach. It seems that since she’s settled in, Hulk Hogan’s not so virginal daughter seems to be headed for the pages of Playboy. Playboy has asked Brooke to do a photo shoot, possibly even a cover. The men’s magazine features a WWE Diva in the nude every year and this would be the legendary Hulk Hogan’s 18 year old daughter. Plus, Brooke fits the platinum blonde bill that Hef holds so dear to his own, ancient heart. The good news for all you Hogan fans is that Brook hasn’t said no yet. The big bleach blonde hasn’t posed nude but she had no qualms about posing in a teeny tiny bikini for the cover of FHM Magazine in 2006. The "Brooke Knows Best" (lamo) famo needs all the publicity she can get right now since her singing career bombed in 2006, when her album entitled "undiscovered" was undiscovered and only sold a dissapointing 127,000 copies. To the list of no talents, add can’t act and also no fashion sense. We saw Brooke out in Miami Beach looking like a tranny streetwalker and who could ever forget those horrible jean chaps? However, we found a small talent so drumroll please, apparently, the ditzy blonde can roll around the Miami Beach shoreline without looking too much like a beached whale. When all else fails in the pursuit of fame, you either make a sex tape or take off your clothes for a risque photoshoot. A sex tape might be premature for her "good girl" image but Brooke does have large breasts, so flaunt what you got for Playboy honey.

Following the filming of the "Hogan Knows Best" reality show that followed the whole family, the Hogans fell apart. The Hulk had an affair, got divorced and his youngest son, Nick, went to jail.  The whole over-protective father thing has to be an act for the cameras.Brook Hogan

We bet the Hulk taught his daughter some serious wrestling moves that she’s not just using in the ring, if you catch our drift. You know you’re not even surprised, reality television is never that real anymore. What is real, is that the WWE icon Hulk Hogan is a wrestling has-been and someone still needs to bring home the money; so the Hulk is going to have to pimp out his daughter every chance he gets.