There’s a New Marshall in Town!

Well, it seems the NFL’s Miami Dolphins went fishing and they’ve hooked a big one!

The Dolphins have acquired one of the top pass receivers in the league in Brandon Marshall, who was traded from the Denver Broncos for two draft picks, and he will now bring his considerable talents to Miami’s sunny shores.  And he will be paid handsomely while in South Florida, having talked the Dolphins into a 4-year contract worth 47.5 million dollars.  It makes Marshall the highest-paid receiver in the NFL (That should send the reDolphins New Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall al estate agents and car dealers in the Miami area into buzz mode, knowing a new big fish will soon be in these waters, looking for a home and a set of wheels).

In acquiring Marshall, the Dolphins get a proven deep threat and a new target for their young emerging quarterback, Chad Henne, to throw to.   

But Marshall comes with baggage.  He’s been a pouter, and worse. 

Last summer, during training camp, he was suspended for several days by Denver for a petulant tantrum he threw during practice drills. He claimed he was upset at the Broncos medical staff for misdiagnosing a hip injury that forced off-season surgery, and he was also unhappy with his contract.

Still, Marshall would go on from that outburst to catch over a hundred passes for more than 11-hundred yards and 10 touchdowns last season.

However, he has also had trouble off the football field. Marshall has had several run-ins with the law and has been scolded by the NFL’s head office about his behavior. In fact, he was suspended for the 2008 Broncos’ season-opener following a series of domestic disputes involving his former girlfriend.

At 26, Brandon Marshall is at the top of his game, and is certainly one of the NFL’s best pass-catchers, and the Dolphins need his skills.

They’ll just have to hope he’s left that “baggage” behind in Denver and is on his best behavior in Miami.

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