Top 10 Culinary Styles in South Beach

Exotic Restaurants in South BeachLuxury restaurants are concepts that never go out of style in fashionable South Beach.  The great international flavors of the world meet here, hook-up, and produce infusions so stellar, the area has become famous for it.  Yet inventive and upscale cuisine does not come without a price tag. 

Luckily in South Beach, you tend to get what you pay for, and what you pay for is an exquisite culinary experience found no place else.

Some of the top styles of culinary offerings in Miami include:

•    Chinese
•    Cuban
•    Haitian
•    French/Bistro
•    Italian
•    Japanese

•    Mediterranean
•    New American
•    Nuevo Latino
•    Pan Asian

In Miami you will find the above types of cuisine, and any infusion of the above.  Let’s explore some of the restaurants and influences:

Chinese.  Three upscale Chinese restaurants in South Beach right now are Miss Yip Chinese, Mr. Chu’s, and Philippe Gansevoort.  Miss Yip blends Eastern tradition with Miami flair, and is modeled after a Shanghai teahouse.  Insider tip:  savvy locals know there is an after-hours club called Buck 15 hidden just above Miss Yip.

Cuban.  There is no shortage of cuisine from our Cuban population, it is everywhere and it is amazing.  Two options in South Beach include Larios on the Beach and Puerto Sagua.  Larios is owned by Gloria Estefan, and serves up the Miami vibe, beans and rice, salsa music and more. 

Haitian.  In trend-obsessed South Beach, international restaurants come and go with the tides-not so with Haitian restaurant Tap Tap.  Indigenous Miami cuisine is served up here daily, and it was founded in 1994 by Haitian documentary filmmaker Katherine Kean.  Tap Tap is part art gallery and cultural center, making it aNobu South Beach medley of cultural experiences and flavors.

French/Bistro.  Blue Door at Delano is a lavish French influenced restaurant on Collins Avenue.  Superstar designer Philippe Starck successfully transformed the historic structure into one of South Beach’s most striking properties.  Authentic French cuisine is served here, with bits of local influence available such as sushi.  The portions are small and the price tag is high, so be prepared to pamper.   Also try A la Folie and La Brioche Doree.  Bon Appetite!

Italian.  Italian food is famous world wide for its pastas, breads and wines.  In Miami, there are a plethora of Italian options, including Café Milano, Casa Tua, da Leo Trattoria, Escopazzo, Grazie, Osteria del Teatro, and many more.  Italian is a safe “go-to” option if you are not an experimental diner, because you will always find something you like.

Japanese.  Of course we often mention Nobu Shore Club when we cover area restaurants, because it is upscale and the sushi is outstanding.  Oh and it is also inside the prestigious Shore Club Hotel, which helps its cause.  Nobu invites diners to settle into a serene environment and nosh on some seriously fresh sea fare. 

Mediterranean.  Local Mediterranean offerings include the popular Taverna Opa, Pasha’s, and Sultan Kabob.  Mediterranean fare has been adopted into Miami cuisine, and has left its tasty mark on many area dishes. 

Asia de Cuba at Mondrian South BeachNew American.  With restaurants like Bistro One at Ritz Carlton, Barton G and Santo, it is evident that American has taken a step-up in Miami.  These places serve what is now called “New American”, traditional American dishes with international Miami influences and flavor infusions. 

Nuevo Latino.  This is a new culinary concept similar to New American.  Must try’s include Antigua at Macarena, Asia de Cuba at Mondrian, Sra Martinez and Yuca.  We know you will love the Latin infused international offerings. 

Pan Asian.  From the other side of the world, Miami offers up some of the best, including China Grill, O Asian Grill and the fabulous Setai Hotel.  These offer works of art on each plate, a true taste temptation.  So if you are in Miami, welcome to a rich culinary heritage in an American metropolis, enjoy!

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