Top 10 Reasons Why Luxury Has its Ups and Downs

Advantages & Disadvantages of Being RichHave you ever thought that things would be ‘perfect’, if only you had more money?  Fantasizing that all of those miniscule issues like bills would suddenly evaporate into a green cloud of awesomeness?  While I love the luxury lifestyle, it does umm, pay, to observe both ends of the spectrum.  Here are some pros and cons of being rich that may interest you and make you feel better about having less!

What?  You mean life is not just peachy when you are rich?  Hell no!  Being rich presents a whole new set of issues that must be dealt with, including:


•    Paranoia of losing wealth
•    Anxiety of falling behind.  Ironically, the wealthy often fear that they will be unable to improve their current status
•    Boredom.  I do not think I would have this problem, as I love to travel and know where to hang out, but many are clueless and become stagnant and under-stimulated
•    Increased risk of lawsuits and ID theft, other frivolous crimes against the rich
    Less time with the family, possible spoiled kids.  It is hard to be at home when you are maintaining your financial empire, and your kids may never learn the value of a dollar and end up like Paris Hilton or comparable clueless heiress trash.  Shiver. 


Yes, it is quite amazing how a luxury lifestyle can increase   financial worries, when most think it would alleviate them.   It seems that once people have achieved a minimum level of financial well being, making more money fails to please them.  The rich feel compelled to have the most current luxury car, season tickets, private jet charter and yachts in order to keep up with the Jones’s.  Sound familiar? 

Suddenly, maybe you don’t feel like comparing your castle in the suburbs to your ‘rich’ friends many properties and feeling inadequate. 


I am no  ‘Debbie Downer’, however, and certainly know the perks of being rich, including:

•    Freedom.  Nearly absolute freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want to do it.
    Social status (this matters to many)
    Expensive hobbies (I smell rubber, very expensive rubber on a racetrack)
    Ability to afford the finer things, like say a brand new Ferrari F430 Spider, luxury vacations, luxury properties, luxury car rentals whenever, clothes, art, jewelry, insane wardrobe, celebrity friends and more.
    The ability to donate, handsomely, to the causes of your choice


Feel free to chime in, readers, with points I may have missed in my brainstorm! 




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