Top 5 Chicago Strip Clubs

Top 5 Strip Clubs In Chicago

Whether or not you agree with the values and morals that go along with strip clubs, they sure as hell aren’t going anywhere so if you are easily offended go read some of our blogs about food and hotels immediately.  For you dirt bags out there who are still reading, the following is a list of the best strip clubs in Chicago. 

1.    VIP’s
2.    Pink Monkey
3.    Admiral
4.    Heavenly Bodies
5.    PoleKatz


1.) VIP’s: 1531 N. Kingsbury, Chicago, IL.  One of the only clubs located near the downtown area, VIP’s remains popular solely due to its proximity to Chicago, Old Town, and Lincoln Park.  Another reason this one is at the top of the list is that they serve alcohol.  Who wants to go to a strip club and have to stop drinking anyways?  However, enjoy that last jack and coke because in exchange for the booze you lose full nudity.

Bentley GTC


2.) Pink Monkey: 750 S. Clinton, Chicago, IL.  It’s BYOB for God’s sake.  Bring your own bottle of whatever you want and let the party come to you.  The girl’s here are not shy and after a few bottles it can get pretty crazy at the Monkey.  Pony up an extra $250 for a private cabana and it might feel like you are in Vegas.

Lamborghini and Girl

3.) Admiral: 3940 W. Lawrence, Chicago, IL.  If you are coming from downtown, make sure to bring a pillow in your cab ride, or rent a luxury chauffeur from Imagine Lifestyles Chicago because it will take a few minutes to get to Admiral.  Once inside however, you might feel like it was worth the drive.  Hopefully you arrived with a belly full of beer because they don’t serve alcohol, but the girls will make up for that in just a few dances.  No pasties or bottoms in this joint, just a hell of a good night.

Admiral Chicago

4.) Heavenly Bodies: 1300 S. Elmhurst Road, Elmhurst, IL.  Not located in Chicago proper, Heavenly Bodies still deserves mention as one of the cities best for a few reasons.  First off, it’s not too far away and well worth the drive.  Second of all, the suburban strip clubs have different sets of rules to abide by and usually those rules mean that the customers get to have a little more fun.  Rent the private shower room at Heavenly Bodies and come back and complain that you weren’t in Chicago proper when it all went down.  I’ll be waiting for your phone call.

Strip Club

5.) PoleKatz Strip Club: 7337 W. 100th Place, Bridgeview, IL.  Another south suburb spot hits the list but once again it is well deserved.  The hottest dancers and wait-staff await you when you walk in the door and the night will only get better from there.  If you get really bored, which would be extremely hard, they ever serve some pretty good food.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago will remain neutral on the whole debate of whether strip clubs are appropriate.  However, we guarantee a night out at any of the above-mentioned spots will be a good time.  Get in touch with us before heading out and arrive in style with a Chicago exotic rental car and make sure the doorman knows you are ready to make some bad decisions behind those doors.