What Apple Didn’t Say About the iPad 2

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Unveils iPad 2

Wednesday was a big day for Apple, as they proudly unveiled the much-anticipated iPad 2 to the legions of devoted fans and minions, allowing them to finally exhale.  But amid all of the tech-talk and excitement, what things did Apple not say about its latest product?

Before I get to that, I will outline the iPad 2 as a product.  It is no secret that everything Apple creates is innovative, thrilling and effective, especially aesthetically, and the iPad 2 is no different.  The next generation iPad will feature:

•    Apple-branded 1GHz A5 dual-core processor
•    9.7-inch screen with 1024-by-768 resolution
•    Front and rear cameras
•    10 hours of battery life
•    1080p video out support via HDMI
•    Accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope
•    Separate GSM and CDMA 3G connectivity options 
•    Color options of black and white
•    Wifi
•    Bluetooth
•    4GB storage

iPad 2 Unveiled

While the dimensions are a bit diminutive, the overall package seems to make up for that shortcoming.  In my mind I picture myself with my very own 8-foot ginormous iPad mounted to my wall…dwarfing my flat screen television…surfing the nets in reckless abandon.  Yet that would cost much more than the $499 price tag of the iPad 2.

That said, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and other executives extended great effort to mention the term ‘Post-PC’ during the official iPad 2 announcement today.  So what are they hinting at?  Looking back to the D8 conference in June, Jobs announced:

“PC’s are going to be like trucks.  They are still going to be around, but they are going to be used by one out of x people.” 

Interesting and optimistic.   Apple seems to be willing users to switch to their tablets as their mainstay, dubbing 2011 “The year of iPad 2”.  A bit premature, in my opinion, because while the iPad is aesthetically awesome and a great tool for casual web surfing, videos and light email usage, it is not practical for creating word processing documents while simultaneously researching information on the web…which is what I am doing right now on a new MacBook Pro (which is amazing).

There is just one problem with Apple’s post-PC vision…if the iPad is a post-PC device, why does it rely on a PC for activation?

Apple iPad 2 Released

I think the iPad will be like predecessors before it, slamming onto the market and developing as it goes, eventually emerging as a leader.  The iPad 2 will be available March 11th, 2011, and I am unsure if there are many pre-orders.  I know I want one to play on between word documents!  Please feel free to leave your thoughts below in our comments section!

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