Top 5 Luxury Rental Cars From Imagine Lifestyles

Here at Imagine Lifestyles, we love to keep our fans and readers current on what is hot in the world Ferrari F430 Spider Rentalof luxury and luxury rentals.  Our hot exotic rental car fleet is constantly being updated, so when the need arises, we like to update you all with a list of the current top 5 luxury rental cars we have to offer. 

Right now, our hottest cars include:

1.      Ferrari F430 Spider
2.      Bentley GTC
3.      Lamborghini LP-640
4.      Aston Martin Vantage
5.      Ferrari California

Our Ferrari F430 Spider rental is the newest addition to our Miami fleet, as we received delivery in October.  This is a beautiful classic red Ferrari convertible, with exquisite tanned leather interior to fight off the FloriBentley GTC Rental da sun when you are enjoying the Ocean breeze with the top down.  If you prefer a coupe, we also have the Ferrari F430 coupe rental available.

It has a 4.3-liter V8 engine, making it a great cruising car for the luxury-lined streets of South Beach.  There is just something special about slipping behind the wheel of one of the latest Ferrari models to be released and driving it all over the hot spots of South Beach.  Call us crazy.

Up next is our Bentley GTC.  This regal creature is no lightweight, tipping the scales at 5,478 pounds.  This is among the elite luxury cruisers in the World, with a solid name and reputation.  It also happens to mark the first luxury convertible rental option for the brand.  It is a beautiful car, something special even on the streets of Miami and South Beach.

Do not let the sheer mass of the Bentley GTC rental fool you, it is powered by a 6-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine.  It can actually hit the 0-60 mark faster than many lighter cars, in apprLamborghini LP-640
Rental oximately 4.8 seconds.

Our Lamborghini LP-640 rental comes in both coupe and roadster form.  Both Lamborghini rentals are a vision in white, with the classic sexy lines that define the brand.  The white option is ideal for Miami, as it reflects some of the heat. 

This car turns heads and demands attention, something that is surprisingly easy and fun to drive for a 6.5-liter V12.  The envious and appreciative looks you will get will make this exotic rental car worth every cent.

The classic Aston Martin Vantage rental is another hot option.  This is a timeless design, perfect for both business and pleasure.  The way it feels to be behind the wheel of an Aston is hard to describe, it’s an eclectic blend of cool meets unbelievable.  Aston Martin Vantage Rental

It is a smaller car, which makes it ideal to drive if you plan to scour South Beach, where parking can sometimes be a challenge (Hey, everyone wants to be here for a reason!).  Don’t worry about parking too much, however, as establishments will be all too happy to valet your Aston rental for you.  Find your inner James Bond behind the wheel of an Aston Vantage rental.

Last but certainly not least impressive is the Ferrari California rental.  This is a drastic move away from the classic Ferrari design, with a more rounded shape, yet still maintaining the sleek sexy appeal of a classic red Ferrari.  The California model boasts an all-new mid-front engine, capable of hitting the 0-60 mark in an impressive 4 seconds flat. This is an amazing looking car, with a convertible hardtop, making it ideal for any type of wFerrari
California Rental eather. 
 Yes, the Prancing Horse continues to evolve and improve, showing that a long tradition of success can also include the versatility to ensure a solid future.  

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