Top 5 Things You Just Can’t do in a Standard Rental Car

Maserati Rental South BeachWhile standard rental cars may have their purpose, you have to admit, there are some things you can do in a luxury rental car that you just can’t do in a standard rental car!

1.    Brag about its top speed
2.    Feel the power of a luxury engine
3.    Attract attention
4.    Race (legally and with permission, of course)
5.    Look Damn Good

Top Speed.  If you are renting a luxury car, such as a Ferrari F430 Spider rental, Lamborghini Gallardo rental, or a Maserati Granturismo, you want speed.  The aesthetics are a nice bonus, but ultimately, your inner speed demon is cleansed with a luxury car rental. 

One of the best perks of an exotic car is the right to blatantly brag about its top speed.  And hey, why rent a so-called luxury car like a Buick, when you can rent a Lambo Gallardo and brag about the 560 horsepower it kicks out, beating the 490 produced by the F430 Ferrari.   Hey, Buick guy, how many horses does that boy run? 

Luxury Engine.  Another area where a standard rental car just cannot compete is in the engine department.  Of course, the engine produces the horsepower mentioned above, but it also produces that symphonic hum of power, and you can also brag about its size (insert clever joke).  Some luxury car engines sound so good, music in the car becomes unnecessary.  The vibrations of a luxury car rental will peel through your ears and body, producing a euphoric effect that is unmatchable.  Try to get that high in a standard rental like a Continental.

Attract Attention.  Now for the obvious, and vain, part of an exotic car rental perk:  attracting attention!  If you are nestled comfortably behind the wheel of a sexy Porsche 911 rental, cruising along A1A in search of the perfect bistro for lunch, people are going to notice you.  It is a fact that people enjoy attention, and it feels good to look good.  Now picture yourself putting along in a Ford Focus rental, and the lack of looks you will receive (well, maybe some looks of disdain).  

Racing a luxury car.  Racing is just another option that does not come with a regular rental car, no matter how “fully-loaded” it claims to be.  Sound illegal?  Relax!  There are special luxury car races and events that you can enter, even if you do not exactly own the car.  An example is the Ferrari Challenge.  You can enter the race with a Ferrari rental, so long as it is the model for that year (Ferrari only allows certain models to enter the race annually). 

Look Damn Good.  Let’s face it-even the less attractive of our species look more appealing in a luxury rental car than in say a Mazda rental.  When you are driving an exotic car, it gives you confidence, which in turn makes you significantly more attractive.  Unfortunately, you are never going to outshine the car.


Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals