Man Drops $250,000 for a Totaled Ferrari Dino

In the art arena, there is no such thing as too out there, too ostentatious or even to wrecked. Case in point: A Turkish art collector has shelled forth the staggering sum of $250,000 for a totaled Ferrari Dino. The piece, simply titled “Dino”, will not come to roaring to life when the engine is started…if there even is an engine. Did the artist actually wreck the Ferrari, or is he simply profiting off of the stupidity of others? Because for that price one can purchase a decent new Ferrari supercar.

Totaled Ferrari Dino

Totaled Ferrari Dino nabs $250,000 in cold hard cash by passing off as ‘art’. 

The artist, Bertrand Lavier, sold Dino at Paris dealer Yvon Lambert’s booth during the preview of the art fair. Inquiring minds need to know exactly how much alcohol was served just prior to this event. The Dino piece is actually a written-off Ferrari Dino GT4. What the artist achieved to claim it was his work of art and not simply the unpleasant outcome of an exotic sports car experiencing blunt force trauma remains unclear.

Ferrari Dino

What did not sell is a piece called “Leafless Tree” by Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. It is a life-sized tree comprised of bolted iron castings of wood found in the mountains of southern China. This would be, in my humble opinion, an example of art actually created by an artist.

Leafless tree

The art collector that purchased the crashed Dino remains anonymous…and possibly homeless should a spouse be unhappy about this oversized purchase. What do you do with a crashed Ferrari passing off as art? It is not as though anyone is going to place it in his or her living rooms on display. While many automobiles have been transformed into desks and other types of furniture, this is the first I have heard of a stand-alone crashed car.


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