Rolls Royce Moscow Collection and ‘Year of the Horse’ Car

Rolls Royce is celebrating 10 successful years operating in Moscow. To commemorate the milestone, the ’10 years Rolls Royce Motor Cars Moscow’ collection has been created. The name is quite to the point, and it was designed by the company’s bespoke division.  Rolls Royce Moscow

Rolls Royce Moscow celebrates 10 years with special edition anniversary collection. The term collection is used repeatedly, though no exterior shots seem to be available.

The Moscow anniversary collection Rolls Royce will have a signature two-tone hue and will be made recognizable by embroidered Spirit of Ecstasy pieces on the leather headrests of the cars. There will be tread plates spelling out the special edition Rolls Royce information for those lucky enough to open a door.

Regarding the special 10 year anniversary of Rolls Royce operations in Moscow, CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos made the following statement: “This is an important milestone and I congratulate the whole team at Rolls Royce Motor Cars Moscow on their success. Their dedication and commitment has contributed tremendously to the re-positioning of the Rolls Royce brand in Russia, which has developed into the most important market for us in Europe.” 

Rolls Royce Moscow

The brand has also been busy in China. Rolls Royce has been wildly successful there, with the onslaught of newly wealthy buying up exotic cars at a rate that has made nearly all brands open a location or five. This year, Rolls Royce is gearing up for the 2014 Chinese New Year with a limited edition “Majestic Horse” Ghost model. That is because 2014 is the the ‘Year of the Horse’ for the Chinese calendar. This one will be notable by the horse decals located both inside and outside of the car. It is expected to sell for close to $280,000.

Rolls Royce Year of the Horse car

 Majestic Horse Ghost model for the Chinese Year of the Horse

At times, it can be tricky to recognize a ‘limited edition’ Rolls Royce. This is not one of those times. Most of the special touches are usually located inside, and some even more hidden in areas like the glove compartment. While this irritates some–it is simply the way it is done by the brand and they have enjoyed a measure of success doing it their way. That said–it would be fun to see something insanely different emerge as a special edition.

 Majestic Horse Ghost model

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