Two Aston Martins for the Price of One?

As we continue to see dynamic economical changes across the globe, Aston Martin responds with a diminutive bundle of joy-a concept mini car dubbed Cygnet.  The miniscule exotic car is in the concept stage and is based on Toyota’s iQ minicar.  The iQ is special because the three door hatchback holds the title as the smallest four-seater vehicle currently available.

Three meters long, the Cygnet has the capacity to haul up to four passengers, but they will roll in up-close and personal style. With carbon dioxide emissions around 99 grams a kilometer, this innovative and luxurious vehicle measures up to environmental standards while maintaining the classic opulence that defines Aston Martin. You can experience the exhilaration for yourself with an Aston Martin rental, South Florida is an ideal location to zip around and explore in the lap of luxury.

The iQ base model is a three-cylinder micro engine with a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.  Upcoming fuel economy and emissions regulations in Europe have inspired top luxury car manufacturers to begin the process of adapting future fleets.  Creative concepting within the realm of top luxury car brands is intriguing and satisfying.

This tiny slice of luxury car is charming, and it may be offered free to Aston Martin owners, think of it as an accessory, comparable to an exclusive tender to a luxury yacht.  While the base is molded from Toyota’s iQ, the interior of the Cygnet is indulgently Aston. Baby Bond is tentatively scheduled to begin squeezing into tight parking spots near you before 2010.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals