Thinking of a Mediterranean Escape? Bet You Didn’t Think of Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv Luxury Vacation

Imagine a hip, crisp and cosmopolitan city along the striking Mediterranean shoreline that is alive and vibrant with some of the world’s most exceptional restaurants, shopping and entertainment experiences.  I bet you did not think of Tel Aviv, but that is exactly what the picturesque and robust city has to offer.  It is a remarkable and modern city nestled in proximity to many of Israel’s tourism highlights.

More and more people are making the discovery that Tel Aviv is much more than a place to traipse among ancient ruins or experience religious sites.  The city boasts a fresh, cool and urban side that is uniquely its own, and quite different from its neighbor Jerusalem, 40 miles away.  Brendan Connor, International Correspondent and world traveler, has visited Tel Aviv and told me,

“Tel Aviv is cool.  Fridays and Saturdays are the weekends there, so everyone hits the beach on Friday.  It is a highly modernized and lively city. The entertainment options and beauty are outstanding; I truly enjoyed my visit and would love to return someday.”

 It is a rapidly growing city transitioning into an important international metropolis, it is essentially Israel’s New York City, and equally as fabulous.  The city is divided into approximately 50 unique neighborhoods, each area offering a distinctive array of culture, cuisine, shopping and entertainment options.  And remember, a short 40 miles away is Jerusalem, so why not explore Tel Aviv?  It is a luxury vacation destination that is no longer a well kept secret, but an expanding treasure with something to offer everyone!  So when you feel like exploring more of the exceptional places in our world, remember this tip and head to Tel Aviv!

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