The Ugliest Bugatti is a Civic in Disguise!

Because the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car in the world and possibly more attractive than Megan Fox, it does not surprise me that those who cannot exactly afford the million-dollar-plus supercar may mimic it. But a Honda Civic transformed into a Bugatti Veyron? This may be worse than the current condition of Charlie Sheen’s liver…which may be deteriorating as rapidly as Aston Kutcher gains ‘Men’ fans because he is all the awesome and none of the ego. Sorry, Charlie.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox…yes, please.

Honda Civic Bugatti Veyron

Honda Civic Bugatti Veyron…no thanks!


Bugatti Veyron

Mission impossible, the real Veyron has no need to stand up.

Back to the Honda Veyron at hand! A shortage of the proper funds did not stop this Civic owner from creating his very own Veyron, he simply set about the arduous task of turning his cheapo-clunko into a copy of the car…and failed miserably. I am not cruel, so I will give the person a nod for effort…you can see the pains taken with the front end, grille, air intakes and paint job he did give it his all with what little he had to work with. But the million-dollar question is: what lurks beneath that flashy little hood?

The real Veyron hits 268 cheek-flapping miles per hour, but the Honda Civic is a tortoise in comparison, and prefers to talk-up miles per gallon rather than miles per hour. We understand!

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