The UK is Crushing Uninsured and Improperly Documented Luxury Cars

BMW Luxury Cars are among those confiscated in UKThis story makes an impact, literally, in the world of luxury cars. We want to begin this shocker with the background and facts.  In the United States it is mandatory to insure a motor vehicle prior to titling it, and enforcement varies.  For example, in New York State, it is possible to be arrested for driving an uninsured vehicle if you incur a moving violation while operating it, a violation that would otherwise result in a traffic ticket.

In the UK, however, the consequences for driving an uninsured vehicle can er, have a bit more weight.  You see, in the UK, uninsured vehicles are seized by police, and if the owner fails to produce the appropriate documents to reclaim their car, they are permanently confiscated.  Exotic Luxury cars crushed in UK due to improper documentationcars and those with greater worth are often auctioned off, with the proceeds filtering directly back to the police.

Yet with the economic downturn affecting the UK with the same power it is the U.S., the sheer numbers of uninsured cars are on the rise, and more drivers cannot afford the documents needed to reclaim them. In the UK, if a car has no serial number, is foreign registered or involved in a sensitive crime, it fails to exist within the limitations of the registration system, and must be crushed without appeals.

Unbelievably, Porsches, Hummers, BMW 3-Series, Bentleys, Range Rovers and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class have all been crushed in the UK.  So here is the question-Could you destroy a luxury car?  And the next question on everyone’s minds-How can I purchase one of these exotic cars before they are simply destroyed?  We feel you.  There are a few websites we browsed after searching, listing Alfa Romeos, Mercedes, BMW’s and more for sale-happy shopping!

This has nothing to do with the U.S. Cash for Clunkers Program, which destroys only engines that are deemed ‘gas guzzlers’.  The Cash for Clunkers Program awards a $4,500 reward for turning over your clunker, and using the reward to upgrade to a new, fuel-efficient, green car that will impact the environment to a lesser degree.  There is a list of rules available for the program online, and at participating dealerships.  We are not certain if they will allow you to upgrade to a Ferrari, but you can still locate a luxury rental car in Miami while you are scouring the UK for the best deal!

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