Ultimate Porsche Collectors Item-$3,000 Limited Edition Book

If you are a luxury car enthusiast, you may also love luxury car memorabilia.  For the Porsche lovers, German luxury publisher tenuous is about to unleash a limited edition book on the famous brand accompanied by a signed and numbered photographic print.  All of this can be yours, for the bargain price of $3,000. 

Only 50 copies of The Porsche Book collector’s edition will be released and it boasts some of the most stunning Porsche images captured in the world.  Some of the images were taken by designer Frank M. Orel, and others were selected by him, but all have passed his critical expert eye and made it into the book.   Orel collaborated with the Porsche Museum team in Stuttgart, Germany on the luxury masterpiece of memorabilia, both adding their passion and perspective to the project.

Orel has been occupied for the past 12 years winning awards for his scrumptious Porsche calendars, and serving as the editor of two previous volumes dedicated to the legendary luxury car:  Generation Porsche and Porsche Icons.   Porsche Calendars and Memorabilia

The latest edition will feature 24 chapters including more than 200 vivid full-color photos of Porsches spanning the history of the models, racecars and rare editions.  It is enough to make any gearhead fall in love all over again; we may be blushing at it as if it were a pin-up calendar.

While it is not as exhilarating as say a Porsche rental, this is sure to be the next best thing to the real thing, and the 50 lucky owners will certainly have something to brag about!




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