Auto Energy Efficiency Meets Ingenuity AKA One Badass Sports Car

Students at DeLaSalle School in Missouri were fortunate to have the elite assistance of Bridgestone America when they created the most energy efficient electric car to date (according to claims).

So how efficient is the auto?  Reports claim this car can obtain 300 miles per gallon, a figure that has me run over.  If this is true it is certainly a milestone for Bridgestone and the students, who have already applied for a slot in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. 

The car has been designed, engineered and tested both at Bridgestone’s technical center in Ohio and racetrack in Texas.  It is built on the chassis of a 2000 Lola Indy F1-style racing car.  That is about where the similarity ends!   It has been extensively customized with extremely lightweight materials, frame and a unique see-through plastic body. 

I am not going to say that this car is aesthetically pleasing due to this cheap clear plastic coat, but I would have to take the stance that this is a minor flaw when compared to a 300 mile per gallon fuel sipper!  The wheels are obviously Bridgestone, the Ecopia EP100 model, and also assist the green cause, providing increased fuel efficiency by avoiding rolling resistance.

The all-electric powertrain minimizes energy loss, and carbon footprints along with it.  Various other tweaks of ingenuity have resulted in an unprecedented car that should see production and save the planet, in a perfect world.  Of course it will not be a mass-production car for a while, if ever, but if anything it will serve as inspiration for consumer-targeted electric cars, that is the hope of the students.  Imagine…Imagine Lifestyles with a fleet of all-electric Ferrari rentals and other luxury hybrid rentals!  Check out our luxury car rentals on your way out.  The future looks bright, bright green!


 300 MPG Electric Car



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