Upside Down Rooms, Rooms with Cages, and More! The Strangest Hotel in the World

Next time you become bored with the standard fare of luxury hotels, decadent spas and debaucherous after-hours bar scenarios, consider ‘Propeller Island City Lodge’ in Berlin, host to 31 of the most bizarre hotel rooms in existence!  I wonder if there is a fleet of strange exotic rental cars lining the valet, perhaps even luxury cars with odd paint jobs!

Propeller Island City Lodge

So if you are un-phased by the occasional in-room cage, this strange hotel may be just the thing to satisfy your need to escape the norm and get some use out of that Lady Gaga get-up you’ve been dying to wear.  Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.


Strange Hotel Rooms

Bizarre Hotel Rooms Berlin

All 31 inventive rooms provide a unique and imaginative twist, including a room with two fully-functional human cages, swaying five feet above the ground, a room that allows you to spy on your neighbor via a one-way mirror like an interrogation room, one with a bed that can be pedaled in circles, one that drops a guillotine through the center of the double bed (yikes) known as the ‘anti-honeymoon suite’, a coffin room for the vampire freaks, a prison cell hotel room, and a sweet room that has essentially been flipped upside down, funhouse style. 

Propeller Lodge Berlin

Strange Hotel Rooms Berlin

Upside Down Hotel Room Berlin

Peddal Bed Berlin

 This is why artists should run things.


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