Video: Lamborghini Spins Out, Crashes

When an exotic sports car like a Lamborghini goes up against a highway retaining wall, the winner is always going to be the wall. It hardly matters how many horses lurk under the hood of the Lamborghini when it slams into solid concrete! Watch the video of this exotic car crash at bottom of post and witness the car slamming into the wall, turning 180 degrees into oncoming traffic!

Lamborghini Crashes on Highway

This reminds me of another green Lamborghini crash that occurred recently when the ‘Joe Schmo to Lambo‘ winner wrecked his prize 6 hours after winning it! Follow link for full story.

The object was not for the car to beat the wall, but the other exotic cars in the video. This was apparently an illegal street race in northern Taiwan, on a road outside of Gunaxi in January. The clip was shot from a vehicle traveling in the middle lane of the multi-lane highway, depicting the Lamborghini attempting to brake and fishtailing, ultimately losing control of the supercar.

Joe Schmo to Lambo contest winner

‘Joe Schmo to Lambo’ contest winner David Dopp (Derp) examines the remains of his prized Lambo

Owning a supercar comes with much more than excitement, it comes with temptation! When you have a high-performance car, it is all about driving it, especially at speeds that may not exactly be wise. When there are other supercars in the vicinity, that urge can quadruple, leading to poor decisions and astronomical insurance claims. This unfortunate driver should have reserved some track time rather than attempt to transform a public roadway into one!

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