Wall Street Recovery Equals Exotic Car Sales

Wall Street Luxury Cars

Next time you feel a twinge of jealousy about the high-roller lives of those on Wall Street, with the fat cat salaries and obscene bonuses, remember that they at least help keep the exotic car rental and luxury car industries afloat!  The movie Wall Street’s Ducatis were pretty sweet, too!


Ducati Luxury Motorbikes

Wall Street Supports Luxury Car Market

Yes, Wall Street bonuses and year-end luxury car deals are predicted to drive U.S. auto sales into a beautiful finish this December, around the $1 million dollar mark.  Speaking of a beautiful finish, check out our fleet of gorgeous Ferrari rentals Miami and other luxury car rentals from Imagine Lifestyles. 

Mercedes Benz Luxury Cars

Luxury cars including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other upscale brands are being acquired somewhat feverishly, compared to the past few years due to the recession.  December has long been the month for exotic car companies to enjoy a bump in sales.

Exotic Cars Wall Street

Thanks to government bailouts, the fine folks of Wall Street have enjoyed a rebound, with many financial service companies on pace to earn around $19 billion in 2010.   That is a great many luxury cars, I wonder how many Bugattis that sum could purchase.

Look at the photo below, in a few seconds you will notice the luxury car.

Exotic Car Sales


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