40-Proof Chocolate Milk-A Childhood Favorite Gets A Grown-Up Twist

40 Proof Chocolate Milk

We at Imagine Lifestyles love to read Urban Daddy, and find their stories fabulous, like the 40-proof chocolate milk now available online.  Essentially adult chocolate milk, this vodka-laced carton can be easily acquired online for just $23.99 whenever you are feeling nostalgic for a childhood treat. 

I suppose you could make your own, but where is the fun in that?  If you want to get seriously luxurious, try mixing a bottle of $1 million dollar Russo-Baltique vodka with your favorite mocha moo-juice.  That would create an outstanding cocktail to consume in a limousine rental or chauffeured luxury rental car, if you aim to impress and have money to swallow.

Russo-Baltique Vodka $1 Million Dollars

I am left to wonder if it tastes anything like a White Russian, which I am assuming it does.  This is certainly a fine example of science meets resourcefulness, a cunning retort to moms across the globe who always insisted we get our calcium.  You can now prevent Osteoporosis, one decadent shot at a time.  If you have kiddies at home, you may want to hide this carton safely from their reach!

Alcoholic Chocolate Milk

It is safe to assume the milkman has been replaced by chocolate milk injected with vodka and sold online…this is the world I am happy to dwell in!  According to Urban Daddy,

“Your first instinct will be to take a slug straight from the carton. Do not ignore this instinct. Drink it the way God/nature intended. Straight from the bottle. Fridge open. Sans shirt.”

I could not agree more, and this would make a stellar gift idea for many occasions!  Follow links for more of The Most Expensive Things, and to view our fleet of luxury rental cars Miami. 


Adult Chocolate Milk






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