Want to Stalk a Hotel Prior to Committing? Slip Into Room 77

Room 77 Hotel App

At some juncture or another, nearly everyone has been frustrated with making travel arrangements.  Be it for business or pleasure, booking the right hotel can often become stressful, particularly in unfamiliar areas.  Meet ‘Room 77’, the solution to savvy travels!  Well, aside from the perfect exotic rental car, that is.


Room 77 Hotel Application

Room 77 is essentially the online aficionado of hotels worldwide, a clever guide equipped with everything from the hotel’s blueprints to concierge notes about each room!  This online travel guru offers up an entirely new and succulently simple approach to booking your next hotel, and upon selecting your hotel you will receive a list of the best rooms available, ranked according to your unique preferences.  You can spy like 007 using Room 77, pulling up in your Aston Martin rental Miami style!  Perfection.

Aston Martin Rental Miami

I wonder if they even have a list of other exotic cars on premises, so you know whom you can swap stories with during your stay.  Room 77 even offers a Street-View style mock-up of the view from each particular room window, so you can be confident that it will not displease you.  Other common hotel annoyances are also addressed, as you are given your exact altitude and even distance from the elevator.

Room 77 Hotel Tips

Unfortunately Room 77 is presently in beta mode, but I have high hopes that it will soon be making travels awesome for the masses! 

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