WTF: FBI Crashes Ferrari F50?

Ferrari F50 Crashed

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 If you have an affinity for luxury cars and juicy news, this story is a double-doozy!

According to The Detroit News,  a Ferrari F50 was stolen from a dealership in Rosemont, Pennsylvania back in 2003, and the indignant dealer received $750,000 from Motors Insurance Corp (MIC), the value of the exotic car.  Enter the FBI.

Unbelievably, the FBI used their spidey senses and mad skills to recover the car…in Kentucky (way to blend in).  The pricey Ferrari F50, following procedure, was placed in storage pending prosecution of the thief.  Sounds like the right route, however, this is where the story accelerates. 

At some point after the luxury car was confiscated and placed in storage, it was crashed into a tree and totaled.  Naturally, MIC then hits up the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice for their $750,000.  Both organizations ixnayed the request, citing that the Ferrari F50 was detained by the FBI at the time of the crash, making it exempt to any claims.  Guess the agent in question should have opted for a practice run with an exotic rental car and some track time…or avoided the temptation to slip behind the wheel of such a powerful machine.


Wrecked Ferrari F50

MIC was apparently not interested in swallowing close to a million dollars because a fed wanted to take a joy ride in a Ferrari.  Utilizing the Freedom of Information Act, the insurance company requested documents pertaining to the storage, handling, and transport of the Ferrari; all of which they were denied access to under the guise of “official business”.

FBI Ferrari F50 Crash

MIC reportedly received an email stating that on the day of the Ferrari crash a U.S. assistant attorney rode with a certain special agent and that shortly after departing the storage facility, the supercar fishtailed.  Well, not everyone can handle the power of a hypercar like a Ferrari, perhaps not even an FBI agent.  A lawsuit is in the works, if we ever hear about it again!


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