Charlie Sheen the Luxury Car Sugar Daddy?

Charlie Sheen Loses Job

When you hemorrhage money like Charlie Sheen, I suppose you can afford to splurge on the finer things in life…like $800,000 worth of luxury cars…for others.  I also suppose you could do this with or without a paying TV gig. 

The juicy part of said rumors is that Sheen has reportedly bestowed the exotic car gifts to porn stars and other ladies in his life.  A car salesman’s wet dream, Sheen has shed close to a million on four luxury cars over the past month.  Wouldn’t a luxury rental car for each lady have done the trick? 


Charlie Sheen New Girlfriend

Charlie Sheen and rumored ‘new girlfriend’


Access Hollywood stated this week that it has confirmed through a source that Sheen purchased at least three exotic cars this month, and that none were for him.  How generous! 
Sheen’s latest luxury car purchases are said to include:

•    Bentley-Lavished on a porn star girlfriend valued at $320,000 with taxes and title costs
•    Porsche-A Porsche Turbo worth $150,000 went another adult film actress.  I wonder if she was jealous of the Bentley received by the other girl?
•    Mercedes-Benz-A Mercedes S63 AMG was purchased for a "blond girlfriend." It is valued at $160,000 and was reportedly purchased from a Mercedes dealer in Valencia, Calif. Sheen’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, got a Mercedes-Benz CL 600 for $160,000.

Charlie Sheen Mercedes-Benz

These are some pricey purchases, especially now that CBS has cancelled Sheen’s hit series Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season, citing his unacceptable behavior.  Behavior including Sheen’s seemingly incoherent radio interview where he trashed…well, many important people who sign his very plump paychecks (reportedly some $1.8 million per episode). 

Charllie Sheen Buys Luxury Cars for Porn StarsHey, at least the latest luxury car purchases were not for Sheen, who goes through cars like he goes through women and bottles of booze. 

Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller
  Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller


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