Watch Surfer Crash an Aston Martin Rapide!

It is natural to laugh under extreme duress, but surfboard designer Roberto Ricci seemed somewhat thoughtless about the fact that his act of foolishness led to the destruction of an Aston Martin Rapide! What is that act of stupidity committed, you ask? (Video at bottom of post!)

Aston Martin Rapide Crash

The rapidly destroyed Rapide

During the show-off session behind the wheel of the Rapide, Ricci explains what led to the exotic car crash, stating that he hit the “no control on the back wheels” button (aka he disengaged the electronic stability control button…sigh. This decision was a sorry one, seeing as how he apparently suffers from a heavy foot and the curvy road requires control of the rear wheels.

Luxury car controls and buttons

Uhh…which button do I push, boss?

So ended the short lifespan of a $210,000 luxury car. The clip began with Ricci driving carelessly, attempting to appear laid back and cool like a surfer. I must say, the shirt he is wearing did not help his cause.
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Watch the disaster go down in the video above and comment below!





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